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Monday, August 31, 2009

Time: 06:26pm

Extremely lazy and no time to update previously..
2 assignments down and
left with 1 presentation and group project..

Despite the stress and busy period, i'm glad that i able to bring balance to my life.
Meeting up with frens and watching movies can Never be left out in Xf's life.

16 August 2009

Celebrated YZ's Bday @ Tampines 1 Manpuku on one Sunday..
Bought him cup cakes and treated him to dinner..
But we got free StarBuck drinks from him.
wahaha.. Thank YZ..

24 August 2009

Went Bugis to settle some personal stuff in the morning..
It rains heavily and wanted to cancel the appointment..
But it cant be dragged any further..
Damn lazy to go out on raining day..
Watched G.I Joe in the evening..
Is an action packed movie..
Thumb Up...

25 August 2009

Met up with Dawn and Joyce for dinner @ Sakae.
The three of us simply love Japanese food.
Had drinks and cheese cake at TeaDot after that.
Dawn is going to Korea alone for exchange programme.
A brave gal indeed..
We gonna miss her...
Take care, gal...

29 August 2009

Class ended at 5pm..
Went home and rested for an hour before proceeding to the airport..
Dawn's flight was departing at 11++pm..
But Joyce and I left earlier as i'm having drinking session with YuRu and XinYi near Orchard Plaza..
Peter and Xinyi fetched me up at Tanah Merah..
Tequila and Martell...
Reached home around 4am...
Gone case on Sunday...

I doubt i will have the courage to go oversea alone to study.
Is a veri good experience but jus not that brave.
and Xf is going to graduate soon..
More or less is getting worried about my future career.
But let's take one step at a time..
No use being worried..

Wanna pinic, prawning, good food and shopping....

-I am the master of my fate-

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Time: 2:09am

Wanted to upload recent photos BUT
all the photos in my XD card are GONE.
Such an unlucky week..
Not only that, Xf has LOST her fav necklace too, the one she always wear.
Is a gift from someone few years back.
*Sob sob*
Have already search up and low throughout her house but to no avail..
Today wear a dis-functioning watch to school without knowing.

From a positive view, Xf can shop for new necklace..
Or waiting for a kind soul to buy her a new one..
Oh yeah...

18 July

Pei's birthday celebration!!
Aka Gathering with a group of lovely gals..
And that is my Uni's fren..
Had our dinner at East coast park, recommended by KL.
Is realli veri yummy..
Enjoyed the evening with them..
A night filled with lot of laughter..
HaPpi BirthDay to Pei!!

Smile more.. =D

Thursday, 23 July

Yuru aka Apple's Birthday Celebration!!
10 years friendship coming on the way!!

HaPpi BirthdaY to sweetie Apple & JinHao!!

Thursday, 6 August

Daddy's birthday dinner at Holiday Inn..
HapPi BirthdaY to Beloved Daddy!!

Good health always..

Back from dinner happily

Photos are taken from Xf's facebook profile.

Thank W.lun for the gift from Hongkong...

A veri nice cousin.. =)

-I am the master of my fate-