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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Time: 2:30am

Xf simply love December 2008.

(No Date Stated Below as i dun remember)

Went to
Sentosa last week.
Struck with sudden fear when i saw the time.

Over slept again..

So nice of
WL to wake up that early to prepare sandwiches for us.
Yummy yummy..

Luge is FUN.

Fetched my '
gan nu er' and Yang from Child care centre and took them to Explorer Kids to play.
I tried climbing up with them once and it is realli tiring.
Kids are always that energetic.

Went Parkway and Orchard with Xy.
Bought nothing on that day.
Last piece/display piece is always a No no no for me.

Joyce's BirthdaY today.
Hope she do enjoy tonight.

The guys are realli fun to mingle with.

Nice guys indeed.
Thank to Dawn for bringing her camera without asking her to, and therefore we managed to capture a memorable scene for Joyce.

Going out tomorrow night (should be tonight) again.

Time to Zzzz..

Good night.
Sweet dream.

-I am the master of my fate-

Friday, December 12, 2008

Time: 02:15am


I drank too much...

Who toasted to me so much...

Gonna watch out for your birth-day, bros..


Make sure you cant go home.

Head spinning..

Gonna rest awhile and bathe...

I dun want to have a beer belly :(

-I am the master of my fate-

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time: 11:30pm


Jus came back from YoGa.

So busy recently...

December is just full of activities and events.

05 December 08 (Friday)

Met up with Joyce for dinner at Sakae Sushi..

As usual there will always be a long queue.

But Xf was craving for Sushi on that day.

We had a long chatting session as the last time we (officially) met was 4 months ago.

Received my first birth-day's present from Joyce and Dawn.

Thank you, gals.

Love ya..


06 December 08 (Saturday)

Celebrating GodpaPa's Birthday @ KTV.

The room that we booked is veri spacious.

Damn good.

Fun and enjoyed.

Reached home at 3am.

8 December 08 (Monday)


Supposed to meet WL(x2) and WT at 12:30pm.

But Xf overslept and met them at 1:30pm.

Knew that they are up to something (surprise) but do not know what is it about.

The feeling is weird.

WL(x2) and WT wanted to give me surprise (I guess) and the cake turned out to be very "funny".

Anyway, they're so sweet.

Thank you..

*Hug* my lovely cousins.


Enjoyed my day with them.

Dinner at Terminal 3 "Dian Xiao Er", where my younger bro worked.

HaPpi, hapPi..

Thank to my beloved cousins and brothers for the gift.

And Mommy, GodMama, GodPapa, 8th Uncle for having dinner with me.

09 December 08 (Tuesday)

Morning, received a surprise present.

Evening, met up with Shi Hui and Sie Fong for dinner at Plaza Sing.

I am always that blur when comes out from the train from Dhoby Ghaut, too many directions.

P.S: Thank to all the wishes and presents you people gave. Love ya.. Xf apprecaite it a lot.

-I am the master of my fate-

Friday, December 5, 2008

Time: 04:00pm

Sort of Moody yesterday.
But Xf is fine now..

Auditing is jus a killer paper..
Nevertheless, a Distinction in Biz finance for this semester was a consolation to me.

XF's Birth-Day
is round the corner.
3 more days and Xf gonna be one year older.
Basically, Xf dun realli Needs anything but for the sake of Wants.
So she has already updated her Wish-Lists portion.

What is the true significance of birthday?

Can anyone tells me..

-I am the master of my fate-

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time: 06:05pm

Last week, have been meeting up with Wt, Wl and Cherie.

Went shopping but bought nothing.

$$ spent on FOOD mostly.

Total of five meals and each meal cost fifteen bucks and above.

Places that we went: Citylink, Bugis, Ikea, Tampines Mall, Parkway Parade and Terminal 3

Took a couple of photos at Ikea.

Nice stars lighting at Ikea. (Out of stock though)

Dinner with family at Expo

Yesterday night, went out to celebrate GanMama's birthday.
And GanPapa's birthday is round the corner too..

A veri HaPpi Birthday to both of them..

Who wanna watch
"海角七號" with me?

-I am the master of my fate-