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Monday, November 24, 2008

Time: 09:00pm

I'm so Sick ToDay..
Feeling so terrible this afternoon.
Took medicine and rest, rest, rest.

A quick review of what happened the past few days.
Just mention one or two as dun realli remember all.

20 November 08 (Thursday)

During the bus ride to interchange, i almost vomit out.
Can you imagine seeing a plump lady or anyone digging something sticky out from their nose.
And..... put it in their mouth.
Not onli once but repeatedly.
Seemed like so many "dirts" in her nose.
I realli cant stand it and turned my body away.
It is so disgusting.

ATTENTION: Please do not dig your nose in the public. Is an
Ungracious Act.

Met up with Justin for dinner and as usual i was late. So sorry..

After dinner, he bought me to somewhere nearby to eat dessert.

23 November 08 (Sunday)

Had lunch at Seafood International Restaurant as Qi was celebrating his birthday.

Not feeling well though.

YZ came to fetch me and i found that this doll inside his car is quite cute..

Watched Chihuahua with them after that.
Dogs are realli cute.
More photos has uploaded at
ZhongQi's Birthday.

-I am the master of my fate-

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Dad and Mom not around]

Time: 12:30am

Daddy and Mommy are not around...
Now they should be sleeping soundly at some small corner of Beijing.
So I've to takeover my mom's "tasks" again for a couple of days..
Called my mom just now and wished her
"A Veri HaPpi BirthDay!"
*Muack* Love you lots, Mommy..
My hand is so dry..
Skin peeling off.. :(
Have to apply lotsa lotion every night..
Cooked for two consecutive nights, but not tml as in Wednesday night, cos having Yoga lesson..

Tears almost roll down my cheeks while reading Ling's blog..
I Missed my Grandpa too..
Whenever i'm unhappy, i would always want to tell him..
I believed that he'll be able to hear it in his other world..

I guessed sometimes, somewhere, somehow, we'll think and miss of someone(s)..
So who is that someone(s) that you are thinking of right now/often?
If that someone is who you can get to see everyday or almost everyday, TREASURE/CHERISH him or her.
If that someone has already left you, dont forget MEMORY will always be with you..

Xf used to have a veri bad temper but NOW, what do you think?
What is done cannot be changed, but can be improved.
She do regrets of her past attitude and some incident realli hurt her a lot.
Recently, got a casual remarks from my eldest brother "hey, your EQ not bad but not your IQ."
I think i did mention about EQ somewhere in my blog too..

EQ = Emotional intelligence Quotient
IQ = Intelligence Quotient

-I am the master of my fate-

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Exam is Over]

Time: 10:30pm

Oh.. HapPi HaPpi

Finally exam is Over..

Exam period is damn tiring and stressful..

Try not to be bother about the grades now since nothing can be done.

Just pray hard for Xf that she can pass all her modules for this semester.


I am so hungry..
Hungry hungry hungry...

Got nothing to blog about during exam periods.
Either study or slack and sleep.
Other issue is that i do not want to complain about how sucky i have performed in the exam.

i missed shopping,
i missed going out,
i missed good and nice food and
i missed my friends.

PS: HaPpi BirthDay to An Qi!!! Best Wishes..

-I am the master of my fate-