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Friday, June 26, 2009

Time: 02:35pm

Last Friday, 19 June
"A special note for you"
Collaborated with Maggie (Wee's best fren) to give Wee a small bday surprise

Dinner @ Waraku and
KTV @ Yishun Safra till 3am

Saturday, 20 June
Met Joyce for lunch and a quick shopping
Night, went Pasir Ris Park with T as we wanted to have BBQ food
but before we had anything, we left due to weird-ness
Proceed to a coffee shop and had Crab..
Yummmy yummy..

Wednesday, 24 June
Craving for Katong laksa for months or years..
Damn long right??

And so on Wednesday...
Xf travelled 1 hour 30mins with her mom,
45mins forth and 45mins back,
jus to eat a bowl of Katong laksa
and she onli took 15mins to finish (including ordering time)

Xf is sick...
But don't worry...
She feels much better after medication...

-I am the master of my fate-

Friday, June 19, 2009

Time: 02:02am

Hope you enjoy your special day..
The day that you arrive this world..
And dont loss count of the years..
17, 18, 19, or above??
Issit 24 this years??

-I am the master of my fate-

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time: 07:15pm

Never say "No" to Nice food
let's say "oh Yeah, it's yummy, yummy"...

One Friday

Planned to go Bedok Blk 511 for dinner but
it closed down for couples of days for cleaning
and therefore we proceeded to Bedok Blk 85

15 June, Monday

Met up with Dawn and Joyce for dinner @ MOF

(Cold Soba set)



($1 treat mocha)

(Dawn & Joyce)

Yesterday saw Coarine at Bugis while having dinner

Today watched Drag me to hell

and the sound effects is realli scare me to hell
Some scenes are gross too..
Imagine an old lady puking out Sticky, gluey thingy in to a young lady's mouth..
Storylines average or below, Xf feel...

What's next??

-I am the master of my fate-

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Time: 03:45pm

Movies that recently viewed:
Night at the Museum 2 and
Terminator Salvation

Movies going to watch:
Ghosts of girlfriends past and
Drag me to Hell

Movies on the waiting list:
Transformers: Revenge of the fallen and
Ice age 3: Dawn of the dinosaurs

Xf likes to watch movies, movies...

Explorer kids with 'Gan Nu-er aka niece", nephew and Wee yesterday..
Fetched the two kids from their Child Care Centre and
took bus no.3 to Downtown East..
Imagine two young ladies with two small kids (aged 4 and 5).. loL

Great Singapore Sale!!
and temptation is everywhere..
Xf needs power to resist temptation..
Otherwise, she can onli slack at home...
Less than a month. gonna say Hi to projects/assignments/exams again...

Need vs Want
Is easy to differentiate
but 'want' is difficult to control

-I am the master of my fate-

Friday, June 5, 2009

Time: 05:00pm

It's been a while (less than a month) since Xf last blogged.
Therefore, it's gonna to be a super duper long post..

Exam result was out and Xf managaed to clear everything..
God blessed..
Last semester, left 2 modules to go..
Jia you for Xf wor..
School reopen on 1st July...

Surprised Kayson on Wednesday.
Liaised with Qiqi and Wee..
So all of us gathered at his house before he reached home..
Went a few places and bought Sushi, Pasta and Cake for dinner..
Took bus to Kayson's house but we alighted at the wrong stop..
And the only resolution was to hire a taxi as we lost our way..
Hope he likes the surprise and the present we gave..
Happi Birthday to K.Koon and Kayson..



(Wishing wishing)

(Party's Time)

(Mini Truffle Cake. Forever 18..)


Went Bugis to shop for present for K.Koon..
And had lunch with Mama and Ah Wang @ some Chinese restaurant.
Don't realli taste nice.

Last Friday...

(Martell & Tequila)

(Apple & Xf)

Had drink with Apple and Sam..
And reached home around 6am++..

One Saturday...

Went Bugis with cousins..
Lunch @ Shokudo..
And we have a free treat from Qiqi biao mei..
Thank alot, my sweetie biao mei =)
Yummy, yummy..

The day after exam...

Eat & Drink @ timbre
Ordered Long Island Tea but Xf dont like..
Therefore after finishing, ordered beer..


(=Paper, scissor, stone=)

Gonna plan to watch movie with family (not onli siblings, including Dad & Mom) next week..
And hopefully have another session of foot reflexology..

-I am the master of my fate-